Large Wooden Letters, Bold Craft Letter, Break Bone Font

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This Unfinished Wooden Break Bone Font Letter Wall Cutout is cut out of a real wood grain 1/4'' wood. The Wooden Letter You Choose is Based on the (Height) Size! If you don't see a Size you need, Please message us and we will try our best to accommodate your request! These wood paintable cutouts are great for decorating, birthdays and other DIY craft projects. 

This wood is a Sande Plywood and every piece meets the highest grading standard for strength and appearance. This particular wood is 0.205 inches thick and very easy to paint and decorate! This Sandeplywood delivers durable beauty for door hangers or any other craft shape project. Sandeplywood can be painted, stained or laminated, whatever is needed to meet your homedecor needs!


  • The size in the listing title refers to the height of a letter D, measured from top to bottom.
  • The heights of some letters may differ in order to standardize the font size across the entire alphabet.
  • One size exception is the letter “Q” which has a stem that makes the letter slightly longer than the other letters. The width of each letter varies.


  • Material: MDF
  • 1/4" thickness
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Easy to Store
  • Paintable

Other Details

You can decorate these letters with spray paint, acrylic paint, permanent markers, vinyl cutouts, stickers, fabric, photo collage or any other material.


  • Letters are handmade in the USA and cut on our precise CNC laser machines.
  • During the cutting process the laser burns the outer edges of the wood to produce black edges with some residue.
  • Each individual wood letter is hand sanded and then inspected for quality control before getting shipped.

Care Instructions

  • To ensure the best protection for your unfinished or finished painted letters, use a clear gloss or clear satin spray clear, which is available at any other craft store.
  • This will help keep your design protected from the weather and leave a shiny gloss finish to your art letter project.
  • Do not expose to water or excessive moisture.
  • Handle with care to avoid breaking or cracking the wood. 1/4" thickness is lightweight and fairly thin.

Project Ideas

  • Decorate and transform any room in your home, office, daycare, school, doctor’s office, business or any other building that needs a crafty makeover.
  • Letters can be used in a large variety of arts & crafts projects.
  • Use adhesive to permanently affix letters to another surface or for a temporary hold use glue dots or command strips.


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