Blank Times New Roman Wood Letters, Original Wooden Letters

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  • Blank Times New Roman Wood Letters, Original Wooden Letters


These Unfinished Wooden Letter Times New Roman Letter Font Wall Cutouts are cut out of 1/8'' and 1/4'' high Density MDF wood.

The Wooden Letter You Choose is Based on the (Height) Size!  If you don't see a Size you need, Please message us and we will try our best to accommodate your request!

Our MDF Wood Letters are cut with a CNC Laser and may have small areas of black soot on the back of each letter which is typical with a laser machine.

These MDF wood paintable cutouts are great for decorating, birthdays and other DIY craft projects.


  • The size in the listing title refers to the height of a letter D, measured from top to bottom.
  • The heights of some letters may differ in order to standardize the font size across the entire alphabet.
  • One size exception is the letter “Q” which has a stem that makes the letter slightly longer than the other letters. The width of each letter varies.


  • Material: MDF
  • 1/4" OR 1/8" thickness
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Easy to Store
  • Paintable

Other Details

You can decorate these letters with spray paint, acrylic paint, permanent markers, vinyl cutouts, stickers, fabric, photo collage or any other material.


  • Letters are handmade in the USA and cut on our precise CNC laser machines.
  • During the cutting process the laser burns the outer edges of the wood to produce black edges with some residue.
  • Each individual wood letter is hand sanded and then inspected for quality control before getting shipped.

Care Instructions

  • To ensure the best protection for your unfinished or finished painted letters, use a clear gloss or clear satin spray clear, which is available at any other craft store.
  • This will help keep your design protected from the weather and leave a shiny gloss finish to your art letter project.
  • Do not expose to water or excessive moisture.
  • Handle with care to avoid breaking or cracking the wood. 1/4" OR 1/8" thickness is lightweight and fairly thin.

Project Ideas

  • Decorate and transform any room in your home, office, daycare, school, doctor’s office, business or any other building that needs a crafty makeover.
  • Letters can be used in a large variety of arts & crafts projects.
  • Use adhesive to permanently affix letters to another surface or for a temporary hold use glue dots or command strips.


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